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Rolling out a favourite that’s thoroughly evolved

PUBLISHED 22/02/2021

With a thirty-year history of making curtains and blinds in Mount Barker, Country Blinds have had plenty of time to find out which styles are evergreen, and year after year Roller Blinds come up as a firm favourite. So perhaps there’s irony in the fact that even after so long, not everybody knows precisely what a Roller Blinds is.

Pleated Awnings – Thinking Big in the Great Outdoors

PUBLISHED 09/02/2021

Pleated patio awnings? You might think that every blind and awning solution under the South Australian sun has been rolled out by now, but you’d be wrong, because Country Blinds are going a step further. In fact, they’re going several steps further, because one of the great strengths of the Outdoor Patio Awnings concept is its enormous span. Country Blinds can custom design and manufacture Pleated Awnings to a span size of 56 square metres, which some of us might consider ‘over the top’, but Jake Payne from Country Blinds maintains that this is just the point – more cover for big outdoor areas, right over the top.

Cutting it fine – Country Blinds goes the extra mile for accuracy

PUBLISHED 28/01/2021

Country Blinds, Curtains & Shutters have recently invested in upgrading their German-made vacuum CNC fabric cutting table in their Mount Barker factory, all in the name of a better result for customers.

Why going local for curtains & blinds was a great idea – even before the COVID crisis

PUBLISHED 23/01/2021

As South Australia gets used to living with the threat of the COVID-19 virus, our state is slowly coming around to the importance of choosing local suppliers for everything from groceries to holidays. Incentives are being handed out, aimed at encouraging South Australian families to spend their money right here, appreciate their home state and help out the businesses that have been weathering the COVID storm throughout the past year.

‘Let’s make it for you’ – The TV commercial that started a family conversation

PUBLISHED 13/01/2021

2020 was a challenging year for families, businesses…and family businesses. As the COVID pandemic served up constant challenges, South Australians found themselves having to live and work differently, from staying at home to social distancing, with workplaces often set up in new ways so that production and customer service could continue wherever possible.

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