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Published 01/07/2022


Patios, pergolas, alfresco areas & courtyards! South Australian homes often feature outdoor living areas like these to help make their house a home. Some of these areas are used on those warm, perfect days or nights but increasingly, homeowners are catching onto the value of outdoor blinds and awnings to help make these spaces more liveable all year round.

So, what are the outdoor blinds options? And if your outdoor living is not just outdoors, but out of the ordinary as well, what creative ways can be explored to make it a more versatile, enjoyable space? Let’s look at some suggestions to help make even challenging outdoor spaces enjoyable in all but the worst of weather.

Custom design outdoor blinds is the key

Some homeowners believe that they’re faced with ‘impossible’ outdoor areas or windows. Chances are they’re just limiting themselves by dealing with suppliers who have nothing to offer but standard sizing and accessories. If you suspect that the area you’d like to improve might include a few design curveballs, the best way to get started is to speak with a firm that designs and manufactures its own products. With flexibility on your side, you’re a lot more likely to find a solution that delivers what you’re after. A good supplier will be able to suggest several options, create a product to suit your space and offer material choices to contrast or colour match with your home.

Pardon me? Noise reduction

Roller Shutters are a blockout external blind that not only gives complete blockout from the sun and heat but also helps reduce noise! Homeowners are often surprised that their rooms ‘sound different’ as a result of Roller shutters. That difference is simply quiet. The same insulating qualities that block out sunlight can also help dampen sound, meaning that rooms near noisy areas such as roads or busy urban streets are more peaceful places to be once blockout window treatments are installed. A peaceful sleep through light is made better again with less noise.

Shade, shelter or a complete living space?

Some people are after shade on a hot summer’s day to make the patio comfortable. Others are after shelter from wind and rain in order to extend their outdoor living season. And then of course there are those who want a complete outdoor room, free of draughts, filled with furniture and perhaps even an entertainment system.

What’s your style? Decide on the result you really want before having a consultant visit your home. With a clear end goal in mind, the provider you speak with will be able to give good advice on design, materials and the budget you’ll need to get the job done.

Solutions for patios, pergolas and deck areas

Patios, pergolas and decks are the standard outdoor areas attached to many modern Australian homes and there are several ways to approach them if you’re considering increasing their usability and versatility throughout the year.

Ziptrak Clear Café Blinds

These are the popular, clear PVC blinds often seen at trendy cafes and restaurants. The reasons you might choose Ziptrak clear Cafe blinds at home are just the same – they help create a warm, usable space when the weather is cold, but retract easily when the weather is fine, with no buckles or zippers to fuss with. Perfect for spaces that are not sunny, their crystal clear look is pure class, they are easy to operate and can be custom designed to handle spans as large as six metres. In windy or rainy conditions, these blinds cope perfectly by locking in the ‘down’ position.

Ziptrak Shade Blinds

When control of sun glare and heat is a priority, Ziptrak Shade Blinds by Country really shine. Just like their clear café cousins, operation is simple and the look is clean, because the blinds run in tracks, with no need for buckles, zippers or fiddly rolling up. They also securely lock in the down position should the wind pick up, doing away with the annoying flapping that was part of life with old-fashioned designs.

Ziptrak Shade Blinds are ‘all year round’ blinds that are available in a wide range of material colours, and the best quality designs always feature welded, rather than stitched seams for ultimate durability in all weather conditions.

Straight Drop Outdoor Blinds

Another great shade maker, Straight Drop Outdoor Blinds are hugely versatile, able to fit virtually any application. The look is clean and streamlined, especially when custom design is used to conceal the fittings.

Wire Glide Outdoor Blinds

Wire Glide Outdoor Blinds have a clean, streamlined look and one clear advantage – the ability to be positioned part way up or down and remain unfussed in windy conditions, with none of the noisy flapping about that can damage other types of blind. The wire guide system means that operation can be motorised or manual making it easy and no chance of the wrinkling or bunching fabric.

The shade and privacy offered by Wire Glide Outdoor Blinds comes without the need for bulky fixtures. What’s more, they’re very easy to clean and maintain.

Lateral thinking for unconventional spaces

Some homeowners have no established outdoor living space such as a patio, and some simply don’t want a permanent structure. For situations such as these, the ‘pop up’ nature of custom designed awnings can offer versatility and help create an instant outdoor space to enjoy.

Pleated Awnings

The pleasant surprise that comes with Pleated Awnings is their ability to span large areas. The delightful, pleated look is another bonus. Here is a design that rolls out large-scale shade and shelter when needed, can be rolled out and stopped at any point in its span, yet disappears into a compact

package when not in use. These awnings can be created in many colours of vinyl, acrylic or mesh. Pleated Awnings have enormous style and visual impact and can be deployed instantly when needed.

Folding Arm Awnings

If the amount of shade or shelter you need varies from one day to the next – or even one hour to the next – Folding Arm Awnings are a versatile solution. Folding Arm Awnings stow away almost invisibly against a wall, yet roll out easily the moment you need shade. They can be created in a wide range of fabric designs and colours, too. If your idea of the ideal courtyard space is one where you’re always free to choose full sun or complete shelter, Folding Arm Awnings can be an excellent choice.

Get one with the lot.

There are so many choices available today in outdoor blinds and awnings that virtually every home can feature a unique and versatile outdoor space. With the help of some creative thinking, expert advice and custom design, you can enjoy extra time outdoors and enjoy your home even more.

When considering your options, be sure to speak with a specialist who is ready to listen and can offer a wide range of custom product choices. Remember, this is all about a perfect fit created for you, rather than you having to fit into a standard product catalogue!

Should you have any questions regarding outdoor blinds and awnings custom designed to suit your living areas, simply contact us today.