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Published 09/05/2022


Pleated patio awnings? You might think that every blind and awning solution under the South Australian sun has been rolled out by now, but you’d be wrong, because Country Blinds are going a step further. In fact, they’re going several steps further, because one of the great strengths of the Outdoor Patio Awnings concept is its enormous span. Country Blinds can custom design and manufacture Pleated Awnings to a span size of 56 square metres, which some of us might consider ‘over the top’, but Jake Payne from Country Blinds maintains that this is just the point – more cover for big outdoor areas, right over the top.

“Homeowners are used to looking at their outdoor areas and when there’s a large space to cover, they often choose a pergola or patio”, says Mr Payne. “Now while there’s nothing wrong with a patio, once it’s there, it’s there for good. And if during winter you find yourself longing for sunshine on those clear days, a patio just shuts that out. If you opt instead to go with Pleated Awnings to cover a big area, you can roll them back in seconds and let the sunshine flood in. It’s a pretty versatile choice that offers lots of options for outdoor areas.”

Pleated patio awnings

Pleated Patio Awnings have a distinctive, ‘rippled’ look, with minimal visible fixings needed to cover large spans. In fact the slim stainless steel guide wires are virtually all that can be seen when the blinds are retracted. And the awnings can be deployed part way and enjoyed in any position for optimum sun, or rolled all the way out, easily, by one person. “Because they’re so easy and quick to use, you can make full use of the sunlight at any given time, block it out altogether or just keep the awning retracted most of the time and even have awnings installed over lawn areas”, says Mr Payne. “They really can help people to make the most of their outdoor areas all year round.”

Country Blinds have had more than three decades to refine the design of their Pleated Patio Awnings as well as the components used in them, and the choices that have been made over the years have a firm focus on durability. Pulleys, guide wires and other components are stainless steel for toughness and corrosion resistance. Materials choices are mesh, acrylic or vinyl. And although it might come as a surprise for a design with spans so potentially large, the awnings can easily be operated by just one person. In fact, with robust corded actuation, rolling out Pleated Patio Awnings takes just a matter of seconds. “Of course if you’d prefer, we can offer motorisation and remote control, too”, adds Mr Payne. “In fact of you like we can even design awnings that can be controlled by an App on your smartphone.”

Wide span and versatility

Outdoor Pleated Patio Awnings aren’t currently as common as some other shade options but with distinctive good looks and wide span versatility, they’re a choice being made more and more by homeowners. “I think that when people are looking at big areas outside their homes there are a couple of standard options that represent the default choices, but it’s always interesting to think outside the box and try something different”, says Mr Payne. “When you opt for outdoor custom designed outdoor Pleated Patio Awnings, there’s a lot more to it than being different for the sake of it. There are some great advantages that can make outdoor areas beautiful and much more flexible, too.”

Country Blinds has over a dozen mobile demonstration units on the road all over South Australia each day. If you’d like to find out more about outdoor Pleated Patio Awnings, simply contact us to book a free, in-home consultation.