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Published 21/11/2021


Block out blinds by Country. While many of us welcome the sun and long, bright, summer days, there are those who are less excited at the idea of extra daylight. For those who shift work and must sleep during the day, intense light leaking in through windows and doors is a real problem. And for families whose homes have big challenging areas that flood living areas with intense light and heat, long summer days can be a real trial.

Today there are many options available for window furnishings that can help solve the problem of excess light. These choices include effective block out curtain fabrics as well as block out roller blinds. And the benefits don’t stop at light control – let’s look at the advantages that curtains and block out roller blinds can deliver.

Less light…and heat, and cold.

Designed to control light and to help insulate, block out blinds – such as indoor roller blinds create a sleek solution to blocking out light. The roller blinds act as a thermal pocket between the window and the room to help with airflow and insulation. Block out fabrics consistently improve the insulation of your window spaces as well – The simple thickness of a lined curtain created with block out fabrics provide an extra layer of protection for insulation. This will keep the heating bills down during the winter and the cooling down during the summer. Regardless of your choice of product, custom designed and installed window treatments will always deliver the greatest benefits due to their superior fit.

Blockout blinds – improved privacy is part of the package.

For areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms, there’s no more secure feeling than knowing that the view from outside is absolutely blocked out. Unlike translucent fabrics that can sometimes be effective during the day but allow a clear view into rooms at night when the interior lights are on, blockout roller blinds can preserve your privacy around the clock so that you and your family always feel safe and secure at home.

Pass the popcorn…

Home Cinema Rooms are becoming increasingly popular in homes and along with a big screen and great sound, nothing sets the mood for a night – or day – at the movies quite like block out curtains. The ability to completely darken the room means that there’s no light spillage to ruin the picture, and no distractions to take away from the feature. There’s no feeling quite like losing yourself in a great movie and it’s so much easier when the room is just as comfortably dark as any cinema.

Custom Designed Interior Roller Blinds – the ultimate blockout.

No interior blind design offers blockout performance to match interior roller blinds that are custom designed and fitted to your windows. The ultimate result comes from mesh blinds fitted inside the recess of a common bracket, with the blockout blind outside the reveal, fitted to the pelmet and overlapping the architrave. This type of fitting results in a clean, streamlined look with no gaps at all and thus no annoying light leaks.

The best custom manufacturers will be able to show you through this process and incorporate this design into any window at all, so that should you choose, you can fit your entire home with interior roller blinds and enjoy all the benefits that they bring.

Motorisation and Automation – perfect timing, no effort.

Whether you’re after a good sleep, planning to block out glare or simply looking for privacy, automation built into your interior roller blinds and curtains are a huge advantage. Remote operation through the simple push of a button – automation makes it easy for all! Scheduling through the Smartphone App and setting automatic opening and closing times provides you with the ultimate convenience and helps to maximise your energy savings too!

How much block out is enough for your home?

While some homes and lifestyles call for total light block out, virtually all could benefit from light filtering to some degree. The fabrics and design elements that feature in today’s curtains and blinds offer light control from gentle filtering, in sheer curtains, to the adjustability and near total block out available with Venetians, Cellular Blinds and even Panel Blinds. If you’re unsure about the finer points of each choice, it always pays to speak with an expert in window furnishings for the advice you need.

The performance of any window treatment can hinge on how it is designed and installed. Correct fit is vital for effective light control, especially in situations where complete block out is needed, such as when indoor roller blinds are chosen. There is no doubt that the best results come with blinds that are custom designed and manufactured, then installed by experts.

Controlling light in your home impacts on livability, energy use, privacy and mood. With so many options available, it pays to speak with specialists before making your choices. Should you have any questions regarding custom blinds or curtains for block out or light filtering, motorisation or automation, simply contact us today.