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Published 11/08/2022


There’s been an enormous resurgence in the popularity of sheer curtains in recent years and it really should come as no surprise – sheers are a beautiful choice with lots of practical advantages.

Sheer curtains give homeowners the opportunity to flood rooms with natural light while retaining privacy, and they can be made to complement a complete curtain package, adding functionality as well as flair. While curtain sheers are available ‘off the rack’, the advantages that Country build into their custom curtain sheers make a compelling argument for having bespoke curtains made for your home, especially seeing as factory-direct pricing puts them in a similar price bracket to ‘ready-made’ curtains.

Sheer Curtains

The Country advantages in curtain sheers start to roll out before the making even begins. The range of fabrics available to choose from is enormous, from traditional plains to stunning modern colours and even patterns. Although Country deals only with the best fabric suppliers, a quality-focused approach decrees that prior to cutting, every length of fabric is checked for flaws on Country’s light bed. Needless to say, any fabric with defects is rejected.

With the fabric selected, a raft of options opens up. Hemming on sheer curtains can be completed using straight stitch or the ‘blind hemming’ method , the choice is entirely up to the client. While considering hemming, there’s no doubt that curtains hang best with hem weights added, and even in this tiny detail, extra care is taken by Country. When curtain sheers are hemmed by the seamstresses working at Country, the metallic weights used are sealed in waterproof pouches. The advantage here is that when the sheers are washed, the weights won’t corrode and stain the fabric, which is a real risk if the weights aren’t sealed before being stitched into the hems, as is often the case with ready-made sheers.

S-Wave Header Treatment

Moving to the header of sheers, the standard approach used by Country is to colour-match the header tapes to the fabric. What perhaps sounds like an insignificant detail makes an enormous difference in the finished curtain, because colour-matched header tapes become all but invisible in use. An option for sheer curtains that’s proving very popular is an ‘S-Wave’ header treatment. This special header type creates a soft ripple effect at the top of the sheers that’s beautiful as well as neat.

When Country have completed your sheers, they’re pressed and carefully packed ready for delivery. Pressing is one more detail that makes receiving your new Country curtain sheers even more of a pleasure because they’re ready to hang and enjoy the moment they arrive.

Around three decades’ experience making sheer curtains here in South Australia has helped Country to evolve proven design ideas that make a big difference to the quality of a product we know you’ll be proud to own.

If you’d like to find out more about our sheer curtains, simply contact us to book a free, in-home consultation.