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Published 23/01/2022


South Australia offers up the perfect climate for sheer curtains – lots of sunlight, warm days, gentle breezes. Yet when some homeowners think of sheer curtains, what comes to mind first is the sort of home style their parents thought was fashionable back in the day! If you love soft, filtered light, an open feeling in your living spaces yet plenty of privacy, the good news is that today’s sheer curtains offer elegant contemporary styling that is world’s ahead of those plain looks from yesteryear. Still not convinced about sheer curtains? Then keep reading, because there are plenty of practical benefits to back up a host of modern decorator colours and designs that you’re bound to love.

New looks, new choices

It used to be that white sheer curtains were stiff, scratchy, and available in any colour you liked…as long as it was white. All that has changed, and modern sheer curtain fabrics have evolved. Today’s choices are wonderfully soft and drape elegantly. What’s more, there’s a wealth of colours and even patterns to choose from. There are amazing styling opportunities available, whether you’re looking at the sheers independently or considering how they will work behind your block out curtains. Make a careful selection of sheer curtains with the help of a Design Consultant and when you draw back your main curtains, the colours and patterns you’ve selected can create an exciting ‘reveal’ all of its own. Classic white is only the beginning!

Managing light

Australian homeowners are blessed with ample natural sunlight for many months of the year. During the warmer months it can be tempting to close our conventional curtains and simply block out the glare, but filtering and managing the light is a beautiful alternative. Why live in a darkened home on a bright, sunny day? Sheer curtains soften glare, replacing it with filtered light that complements your décor and helps your living areas feel more open. You can decide the amount of light filtering you’d like through your fabric selection – some sheers are more translucent than others – or by how the curtains are installed and used. Speaking with a professional Design Consultant will help you learn all you need to know about light control using sheer curtains.

Subtle protection for soft furnishings, furniture and floors

Filtered light is a good look. Sun faded furniture and flooring most definitely isn’t. The same sun we love to live with can do irreversible damage to fabrics, carpet, timber floors and paint finishes in a very short period of time. Despite the fact that they are far from a ‘block out’ solution, white sheer curtains are amazingly effective at taking the edge off harsh sunlight. Helping to save lounge suites, carpets, timber floors and even items such as bookcases and artwork from ugly fading. Sheer curtains allow you to enjoy light in your home without worrying about UV glare causing damage to the furniture and flooring you love.

A versatile double act

If your home already has curtains in place but no sheers to back them up, you’re only getting part of the functionality and versatility that your windows have to offer. Whereas curtains alone can be ‘an open and shut case’ – letting in all the light or none at all – adding white sheer curtains give you another layer of light control as well as a chance to complement or contrast with your existing décor. If you’re unsure of whether sheer curtains are able to be fitted to your windows along with the curtains you already have in place, our Design Consultants will be able to help you.

Lighten up while enjoying privacy

Every homeowner should be able to enjoy a light, airy and open home without being concerned about prying eyes seeing inside. White sheer curtains let in the light while protecting your privacy during the day. That same soft, airy look that lends such a beautiful, breezy look to your home is surprisingly good at protecting the privacy of your living spaces.
Cost-effective style and versatility

The lightweight fabrics that custom sheer curtains are created from tend to have a very reasonable cost per square metre compared to the heavier fabrics used in regular curtains. If you had considered sheer curtains in the past but were concerned that you’d effectively be doubling your cost per window based on the price of your existing or planned regular curtains, think again. Talk with a Design Consultant and chances are you’ll be delighted to find just how cost-efficient sheer curtains can be considering the benefits and versatility they deliver.

Sheer ease of use – motorisation and automation

Today, custom-made sheer curtains can easily incorporate motorisation as well as remote control via a dedicated remote, wall switch or smartphone App. The payoff is convenience, for sure, but you might also be surprised at the energy savings you’ll make when your curtains are scheduled to open and close automatically at set times, helping control both light and summer heat. A custom design consultant can explain what’s involved, and many customers choose to automate all the curtains and blinds in their home for maximum benefit.

Investing in your home – the true value of custom-made curtains and blinds

If you’re yet to see contemporary sheer curtains and sample the many fabrics and patterns on offer, the best place to start is at a custom maker of curtains and blinds that will have a big selection of fabrics on hand for you to see. A professional Design Consultant will also be able to explain to you the best way to design sheer curtains using your fabric choice so that you can enjoy a beautiful designer look, along with all the other benefits of sheers.

Should you have any questions regarding window treatments custom designed to suit your lifestyle, simply contact us today.