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Published 22/06/2022


With a thirty-year history of making curtains and blinds in Mount Barker, Country Blinds have had plenty of time to find out which styles are evergreen, and year after year Roller Blinds come up as a firm favourite. So perhaps there’s irony in the fact that even after so long, not everybody knows precisely what a Roller Blinds is.

On homes as well as businesses, it’s probably the minimalist look of Indoor Roller Blinds that makes them stand out as a thoroughly modern choice. Always featuring large, uncluttered areas of flat, neat fabric, there’s certainly no obvious framework or structure to define them. The same qualities that can make them hard to put a name to also make them a choice that’s never gone out of style.

Indoor Roller Blinds

“Indoor Roller Blinds are one of those products that started out as a solid performer and have only improved over the years”, says Country Blinds Sales Manager Jake Payne. “We’ve just refined how we make our rollers over the years, based on what our customers have to say. Little by little we’ve made something good even better, so every year we look at our sales and see that Indoor Roller Blinds really never go out of fashion.”

Clean and streamlined, Indoor Roller Blinds open up options for bold looks and an elegant aesthetic. So what’s the Country difference? Put simply, these are blinds that have evolved through three decades over which meaningful refinements have made their way through feedback from homeowners right back to where the products are made.

Indoor Roller Blinds

The first big difference that separates Indoor Roller Blinds by Country from the competition is actually invisible. Country’s chain drive is geared for easy, low-effort operation, even with heavy blinds. A special gear ratio makes all the difference, solving the dreaded slipping problem that’s been known to affect lower quality Indoor Roller Blinds. When designs get really big, Country can even add booster springs to make operation easier, backed up by ‘continuous’ chains with no joiners to fail.

Custom Design Advantage by Country

There’s another custom Country design advantage that’s impossible to notice unless you have a keen enough eye to spot the complete absence of sag in Country’s wide Indoor Roller Blind designs. Although you can’t see it, it’s Country’s oversize top tube – the biggest in the industry – that eliminates any sag.

The brackets on Country’s Roller Blinds have also evolved over the years. You won’t find double blinds on a common bracket in any installation by Country. Instead, the design that’s evolved over the years sees the mesh blind fitted inside the recess, with the blockout blind outside the reveal, fitted to the pelmet and overlapping the architrave. The result is no gaps, better blockout blinds and a cleaner look.

Sometimes it’s the location of an installation that can serve up a challenge. Mullions on the back of a door are a good example. In special cases like this, Country consultants will talk with the homeowner before reversing the roll of the blind so that the drop is perfect and the whole blind fits neatly inside the recess. While it might not be the best solution for every installation, it’s one more example of how experience and expertise have evolved the thinking of Country installers to help create the best possible finish.

Design & Maintenance

What’s always made Indoor Roller Blinds popular is their clean look, and Country can take this to the next level both outdoors and in with motorisation. With no need for chains, there’s no clutter at all. What’s more, push-button operation can help a blind effectively disappear when rolled up. Country offers motorised designs in both 240 volt and 12 volt options that are maintenance-free, operated by remote, and can even be paired to an App for operation with smartphones or devices such as Google Home.

So although the charm of Indoor Roller Blinds might be in their minimalist look, you can see that over the years Country have put maximum effort into the evolution of something that performs beautifully over the widest of spans, is easy to use and beautifully reliable, too. There really is more to this evergreen design than meets the eye.

Country Blinds has demonstration units on the road all over South Australia each day. If you’d like to find out more about the advantages of Roller Blinds by Country, simply contact us to book a free, in-home consultation.