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Published 05/07/2021


Of all the window treatments available to homeowners, Plantation Shutters remain one of the most popular and enduring, with good reason. A classic look that’s sturdy and functional, Plantation Shutters are also at home indoors and out.

Plantation Shutters

Done right, Plantation Shutters are a choice that can last for the lifetime of a home, but when looking at such a long-term investment, it certainly pays to be aware of the relative strengths of the available materials and designs.

“A lot of our customers come to us after being told that they have windows that are difficult to fit”, says Jake Payne, Sales Manager and Co-Owner of Country Blinds. “The truth is, there’s no such thing as an impossible window when you make use of the right materials and when you custom design Plantation Shutters. Having design flexibility opens up almost limitless possibilities.”

Choice of Materials & Finishes

If custom designing Plantation Shutters brings flexibility, having a wide choice of materials and finishes is another major advantage. Today, shutters are available in pure timber, treated or natural finishes, in aluminium and PVC hybrids as well as solid aluminium. “While personal taste helps dictate the choice of materials, some materials perform better than others when exposed to elements such as harsh sunlight or moisture. It always pays to get the right advice before settling on a decision, because a Plantation Shutter made of unsuitable material – even if it’s a quality product – will suffer if it’s exposed to conditions it’s not designed to endure.”

Currently, Country offers a range of materials for Plantation Shutters, each of which has its own advantages. Timber is one of the choices that often draws people to look at Plantation Shutters, but it pays to check carefully before committing. Many Plantation Shutters being sold today are actually ‘timber look’ or just laminated timber – thin slices of the real thing sandwiching a synthetic core. But does this even matter as long as the looks and performance are acceptable? “Timber Plantation Shutters are something we really care about at Country”, says Mr Payne. “It’s a material choice that prompts a lot of questions. Will it last? Will it fade? Is it strong enough? My advice is always that timber can be an excellent choice, provided it’s the right variety. No two timbers are quite the same.” Timber Plantation Shutters by Country are created with slats that are composed of solid Paulownia timber. Paulownia is the ideal timber because it is light, stable and very strong, resulting in shutters that won’t sag, warp or twist. It looks beautiful in a natural finish and can also be painted or stained. The icing on the cake is that Paulownia timber is ethically sourced by Country from sustainable plantations. Paulownia timber is used in Country’s ‘Pinnacle’ and ‘Drift’ Plantation Shutter ranges.

Non-Timber Plantation Shutters

Country have put a lot of thought into their non-timber Plantation Shutter ranges as well. The ‘Entice’ range features composite slats with an aluminum core in a smooth PVC shell, offering the rigidity that beats sag, as well as complete freedom when it comes to colour-matching or contrasting with home décor. The aptly named ‘Endure’ outdoor range has been created to shrug off the worst weather that Australia can serve up, from baking sun to freezing rain. The slats of this design are solid aluminium, finished in an automotive powder coat finish that is durable, glossy and available in an enormous colour range.

“The materials we use and the features we incorporate into our designs have all evolved over three decades of customer feedback. And the advice we give to people considering Plantation Shutters is to ask a lot of questions, so that you can be sure of the product you’re purchasing. Plantation Shutters can be made to work beautifully for virtually any home, inside or out. What’s able to be achieved will often come down to whether you are investing in custom designed Plantation Shutters or something that’s standard, off the shelf. It’s your home – the wisest investment you can make is in taking the time to make the right choice.”

Should you have any questions regarding the Pinnacle, Entice, Drift or Endure ranges of Plantation Shutters, simply contact us today.