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Published 03/03/2022


‘Custom curtains’. The term has an upmarket ring to it. Of course, to anyone in the know, it’s also simply the difference between choosing curtains and blinds from an ‘off the shelf’ range of designs and sizes, and having them made to measure. Custom curtains by Country Blinds are the smart option for homeowners who appreciate the need for precision and quality in their decorator choices. After all, quality curtains, blinds, shutters and awnings can add value to your home, so why compromise?

If you’ve made the decision to go with custom curtains, you’re headed down the right path. The next consideration is whether you want to fly solo as you make your choices, or get some expert assistance. When you consider the impact even a single window treatment can have – let alone a whole-of-home investment – the assisted option makes a lot of sense.

Country Blinds have professional Design Consultants on staff that can offer you some enormous advantages, including the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve made informed decisions. Let’s take a look at all the ways a professional Country Blinds Design Consultant can help make your custom curtains experience better.

But it’s just one room…

If you’re considering custom curtains for just one room or even just one window, the temptation might be to leaf through some magazines, make some choices and just get it over with. After all, it’s just one room. Now stop and consider how many times you’ve walked into a home and immediately noticed a clash between furnishing, other décor and window treatments. Chances are, the owner of that home made their choices unguided, too! Even for single rooms, a professional Country Blinds Design Consultant can make a world of difference in achieving the look you’re after, whether that’s complementing existing décor or making a bold statement that undeniably hits the mark. Tackling a single room is also a great introduction to working with a Design Consultant, so team up and enjoy the experience.

Relax and go big

Whether you’re building a new home or taking on a comprehensive renovation of the home you already have, custom curtains are one of the biggest décor decisions. No other single element of a home has quite as great an effect on the mood, look and light in your home. A Design Consultant like those at Country Blinds can help guide your choices of designs, colours and patterns. You might choose to go with the same theme throughout the whole home, or give each room its own distinct personality. With help from a Country Blinds expert you can invest in custom curtains, blinds, shutters and awnings knowing that the final result once installed will be beautiful, cohesive and add value to your home.

Cracking the combinations

Can you install roller blinds behind Romans? How about curtains in front of plantation shutters? There are so many different products available today and some work beautifully in combination, others not so much. Professional Country Blinds Design Consultants have the experience to advise on both the functionality of combined window treatments, as well as the decorator look you might achieve. There are good reasons why some combinations work beautifully, while others are better left alone. Relying on expert guidance means you’ll never have to risk having poor choices on show where you live.

Special effects department

When redecorating, the standard move by most homeowners is to replace curtains and blinds with new curtains and blinds of the same size of the previous items, installed the same way. But if you’re out to create a fresh look, sticking to your previous dimensions and installation techniques might mean missing out on the chance to create a sense of space, clean up the look of a room or even add a sense of drama.

Our Design Consultants at Country Blinds know all the decorator tricks to achieve the effect you’re after. You might be amazed at how hanging curtains longer, wider or higher can make modestly sized windows look much bigger. Likewise, the way blinds are set into window spaces can have a dramatic effect on the overall look, too. If you feel that the decorator look you’re after is being limited by the size of your windows, you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved through creative sizing and installation of custom curtains and blinds. Just one more good reason to work with one of our Country Blinds Design Consultants.

Save yourself some energy

While energy savings tend to get us thinking about solar panels, some of the best moves you can make towards home energy efficiency can come packaged in the much more attractive guise of custom curtains and window furnishings. Once again, your Country Blinds Design Consultant is au fait with all the latest in fabrics and designs to help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Windows are a major source of energy ‘leakage’, but incorporating all the right elements into curtains, blinds, shutters and awnings can make an enormous difference to your energy bills, as well as enhancing a modern look to your windows.

Experience, shared

Working with a Country Blinds Design Consultant when selecting custom curtains, blinds, shutters and awnings helps give a solid shape to your ideas. Many of us love the concept of decorating but don’t get a lot of practice at it, so having some expert assistance is a welcome confidence builder. It’s also an experience to enjoy in your own home, leafing through magazines and samples to connect those pictures and ideas to actual designs in fabric – colours and patterns to work with your décor.

Perhaps the best news of all is that Country Blinds includes assistance by Design Consultants during the selection process at no extra cost. When your home can have all the extra flair that professional design brings without incurring a price penalty, why would you go it alone? Should you wish to discuss your ideas for custom curtains, blinds, shutters or awnings with a professional Country Blinds Design Consultant, simply contact us today.