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Published 10/10/2021


There’s often a price to be paid for convenience, and more homeowners each year opt for the ease-of-use benefits that motorisation and automation brings to curtains, blinds, shutters and awnings. Homes should be relaxing spaces, and there’s no arguing that simply pushing a button on a remote control or smartphone sure beats getting out of your chair and adjusting your curtains manually. Just about everyone can see the value in this sort of convenience, but what few realise is that there are many more benefits that come with automating window furnishings – including making significant savings on household running costs.

Ease of use leads to energy savings – how smart is that?

There are two areas where automated curtains and blinds can deliver energy savings – control of light and control of insulation. As we’ve already mentioned, Curtains Automation enhances ease of use, so homeowners are more likely to adjust window furnishings as they see fit. For instance, when opening the curtains to let in the morning sun is as easy as touching a button, you’ll likely open the curtains first thing in the morning rather than switch on a light. There’s money saved right away.
Likewise, Curtains Automation means homeowners are more likely to adjust curtains to let in the sun to warm a room, or to block harsh sunlight out. The insulating benefits of curtains and blinds are well known and again, when window furnishings are push-button easy to use, adjusting them is likely to be the first option rather than switching on air conditioning to heat or cool a home.

The next level of energy savings comes with the integration of automated curtains and blinds into a Smart Home system that makes adjustments to a set time schedule, or even in relation to programmed temperature limits. Automated window furnishings are usually one of the key elements to be integrated into a smart home system and once the system is programmed, energy savings are made even when nobody is home. The result is savings that can easily be seen in lower utility bills.

Alpha Tubular Motors Phone App AdelaideAutomation slows the fade of furniture and flooring

It’s no secret that the harsh Australian sun really hammers anything that is exposed to it in the long term, including expensive furniture and flooring. Automated, motorised curtains and blinds make blocking out damaging UV rays easy and effortless. Once again, linking them to a smart home system is the next level in convenience, too. Programming set opening and closing times means homeowners can protect furniture and flooring automatically, blocking out the worst of each days damaging sunlight with no effort at all, even when nobody is at home.

Security and privacy

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Incorporation of automated window furnishings into a smart home system is a great security feature. When the right schedule is programmed, curtains and blinds automatically close to stop any snooping – even if you go out and forget to close your curtains before leaving.

Effortless for everybody

Some of the most beautiful designs in curtains and blinds can be real heavyweights of the window fashion world. The price to be paid is that there can be some real effort involved in operating them, even for health, able-bodied homeowners. For the elderly, and for those living with a disability or challenges like arthritis, the problem is far worse when trying to deal with cords, chains or wands. Motorisation and Curtains Automation mean that homeowners can choose precisely the style of window furnishings that they like and never be concerned about the effort of operating them because it will always be as easy as touching a button

An easy investment

As if saving on effort and utility costs isn’t enough, motorisation and automation of curtains, blinds, shutters and awnings is a definite value-adder for any home. Easy to live with, automated window furnishings are also seen as a premium feature come sale time that can help set your home apart. In a market where every little bit helps in attracting buyers and bids, automation – particularly when incorporated into a smart home system – adds a ‘wow’ factor that’s hard to beat.

On the surface, motorisation and automation of curtains, blinds, shutters and awnings may look purely like convenience, but as you can see, there are many more benefits and savings that make it a compelling investment. Should you have any questions regarding what can be achieved through motorisation and automation of window furnishings in your home, simply contact us today.