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Published 07/12/2021


For most homeowners considering window treatments, eventually the question comes up – is it worth investing in custom-made curtains and blinds? It’s easy to assume that if you own an average suburban home, your windows will be in standard sizes that can be matched with ‘off the shelf’ curtains, blinds and awnings. At a glance, this can look like the logical way to go. It’s simple, cheap, and maybe you’ll even get to do some DIY. What could possibly go wrong? Well…let’s take a look at some issues you might face that might not be entirely obvious until you dig a little deeper.

What’s a standard window?

This is a question that has a lot in common with the old chestnut ‘How long is a piece of string?’ Yes, there are certainly standard window sizes commonly used, but it’s not quite as simple as measuring up, then hitting the shops and purchasing curtains and blinds that claim to be made to fit your window sizes. This is in part because the way in which your windows have been installed can easily affect the sizing of your window treatments and the fixings you’ll need in order to achieve a neat, close fit, which is important for aesthetics, but can also be vital for effective control of light and heat. Near enough isn’t good enough.

Who chooses your interior décor?

You do, of course. So why would you let the colours, tones and patterns of your curtains and blinds be dictated to you by what’s available off the shelf? Another big advantage of custom-made curtains and blinds is that your choices are almost limitless compared to ready-made designs. This gives you the freedom to match your décor perfectly, or contrast to really ramp up the wow factor. The choices you have can help set the mood of each room, control the available light, whether the look is modern or traditional. And of course there’s that special feeling you get when you work with a qualified Design Consultant to help make those choices. Expert help can make all the difference.

Understanding the evolution of quality

Ready-made curtains and blinds available from retailers tend to place the end customer – you – at arm’s length from the manufacturer. Specific information about where they’re made is often limited to their country of origin. And while this might not seem like a big deal provided your curtains and blinds come with a warranty, isolating the customer from the maker creates a dead-end for quality. Why? Because a good manufacturer welcomes customer feedback, takes it onboard and uses it to inform improvements in the product.

Custom-made curtains and blinds – what it takes

We’ve mentioned how customer feedback can influence improvements in the materials, design and manufacture of custom-made curtains and blinds. It’s at this junction that a manufacturer has the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to quality, because stepping up and making significant improvements in quality can call for very significant investments on behalf of the maker. Let’s look at some examples.

The cost of cutting it fine

In many custom applications, particularly outdoor blinds, squareness, alignment, a wrinkle-free finish and perfect operation call for precise fabric cutting. For Country Blinds, a commitment to accuracy called for an investment of tens of thousands of dollars into an imported vacuum cutting table that delivers computer-controlled accuracy down to the millimetre on even the widest fabric spans.

A weld of difference

In outdoor applications, sun, wind and rain expose stitching as the weak point in traditionally constructed blinds and awnings. Side-stepping stitching called for Country Blinds to invest in a thermal welding system that fuses fabric seams together, creating a weatherproof bond that’s as strong as the parent material and impervious to rot.

Seeing the light

Even the best suppliers of curtain material occasionally slip up, and it’s essential that no flaw ever makes its way into the finished product. Country Blinds address this concern right at the beginning of the custom manufacturing process by checking each piece of material over a light box, which instantly highlights any discrepancies.

Custom, for every customer request – custom design and manufacture at its best ensures progressive quality and also complete flexibility. Custom-made curtains and blinds allow for far more than just greater fabric choice and perfect sizing. Innovative and novel custom installation methods can be used to achieve the ultimate result, along with motorisation and remote control to deliver all the convenience, security and energy savings of a ‘smart home’.

Investing in your home – The true value of custom-made curtains and blinds

There’s no mistaking a bespoke, tailored suit. Something about the fine fabric and perfect fit creates an understated yet distinctive look of quality. Similarly, custom-made curtains and blinds add a premium look to a home, a look that’s integrated rather than merely added.

Real estate experts have often been known to espouse the value-enhancing qualities of custom curtains and blinds. If great looks and functionality are always welcome in your home, surely the icing on the cake is the knowledge that you’re also adding to the value of what’s arguably your greatest asset?

When considering window treatments for your home, there are plenty of compelling reasons why custom-made curtains and blinds come out in front. Should you have any questions regarding window treatments custom designed to suit your lifestyle, simply contact us today for a free measure & quote.